The Offspring will arrive in Finland - at the Gatorade Center in June 2023

The Offspring, one of the world’s most famous punk rock bands, will arrive in Turku next summer! The US band’s world tour “Let The Bad Times Roll” will be seen on Friday, June 9, 2023 at the Gatorade Center in Turku. The Turku Arenafest event will also feature Klamydia and Huora which are the most popular Finnish punk bands. Last year’s UMK competitor and messenger of modern rock, Cyan Kicks, also participates in the artist lineup.


The world-famous punk rock band has been waiting for Finland for years

The Offspring consists of singer Dexter Holland, guitarist Noodles, drummer Pete Parada and new bassist Todd Morse. The band’s most famous songs are “Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)”, “The Kids Aren’t Alright”, “Self Esteem” and “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid”. The band has sold more than 50 million albums internationally and is therefore one of the best-selling punk rock bands in the world.

The Offspring has earned a reputation over the years, e.g. with his recognizable sound and attention-grabbing comments. The group first achieved worldwide popularity in 1994 with their hit album “Smash”, which sold more than 11 million copies. The album’s numerous hits became signature songs of the entire 1990s and at the same time brought punk rock into mainstream consciousness.
During their three-decade career the successful band has already had time to tour the world’s biggest arenas and build a large international fan base.

Released in 2021, “Let The Bad Times Roll” is the band’s tenth studio album and the third album produced by the legendary Bob Rock. 

Featuring Finland’s most popular rock bands
In addition to the American band The Offspring, Klamydia from Vaasa, who enjoys cult fame throughout the nation, Emma candidate Huora from Tampere, and Cyan Kicks from Helsinki, who gained popularity from last year’s UMK, will perform at the Turku Arenafest event organized in Turku’s Gatorade Center.

The organizer of the concert is the event production company Nordic Live Productions, which organizes Aura Fest – the city festival in Turku, in cooperation with the local Palloseura of Turku.
Nordic Live Productions CEO and promoter Tommi Mäki is excited about bringing the band to Finland.

“The Offspring stars in two rock-themed events organized by Nordic Live Productions in Turku and Seinäjoki. One-night rock events are clearly in strong demand at the moment, and we expect both events to be sold out,” says Tommi Mäki, promoter

Tickets on sale now!
Tickets are now on sale at, below is the link to the ticket shop. The age limit for the event is 18 years.


Picture by Tuija Kärkkäinen

The venue is  Gatorade Center in Turku, Artukaistentie 8, 20210 Turku.

The total capacity for the concert is about 8,000 people. 

In addition to basic tickets, about 1,000 VIP tickets will be sold for the concert. At the VIP area will be unnumbered grandstands and standing areas. 

The event area has plenty of toilets and service points.

Gatorade Center is located in Turku, about 5.5 kilometers from the center of Turku, with good transport connections. The Gatorade Center can be easily reached from the city center along light traffic routes, by public transport or by car.

There are 1,200 parking spaces at the Gatorade Center, parking is charged. There is free handicap parking near the main entrance of the Gatorade Center.

There are plenty of water toilets and various food and beverage service points at the Gatorade Center. Below is the button from which you can take a virtual tour of the venue.



Cyan Kicks, Huora and Klamydia will be seen as warm-up bands for the concert.

18:00 The gates open

19:00 Cyan Kicks

20.15 Huora

21.45 Klamydia 

23.30 The Offspring (USA)



The Offspring is an American punk rock band considered one of the best ever. The Offspring have built a reputation over the years for their unmistakable sound and social commentary. The band first achieved worldwide success with the release of their album Smash, which sold more than 11 million copies. After Smash, they continued to have one hit after another, popularizing punk rock on a mainstream level. Throughout their career, they have sold over 40 million albums, toured arenas and built a global fan base.

Released in 2021, Let the Bad Times Roll was the band’s tenth studio album and the third album produced by the legendary Bob Rock. To the irreverence at the heart of punk-rock music, the band and lyricist Dexter Holland took a look at today’s cultural moments.

The most famous songs of the band, which has sold more than 40 million albums internationally, are e.g. Pretty Fly, The Kids Arent Allright, Self Esteem and You’re Gonna Go Far Ki


Cyan Kicks is an alternative rock band from Helsinki that has been active since 2016. This four-piece band combines heavy rock music, pop melodies and electronic instruments in their music.

The group participated with the single “Hurricane” in the UMK competition in 2022, convincing the audience and the judges both in Finland and internationally. 

Cyan Kicks released their debut album “I Don’t Love You” in 2019, which brought the band the Best Rock Album of the Year Emma nomination.


Huora is a punk band from Tampere Finland. Huora combines metal music in their music. The band includes founder and guitarist Paavo Pekkonen, bassist Ere Manninen, drummer Saku Sahlstedt and singer Anni Lötjönen. Huora is Lötjönen’s first band, and bassist Ere Manninen had only played bass three months before joining the band.

The band came to the public’s attention in June 2016 after releasing the Kaikki uuniin EP and the music video for the song “Kovia ja kiljua”. The band’s debut album “Hukutaan paskaan” was released in 2017. The band’s third album “Älä kösöda” was released via Backstage Rock Shop in 2022.


Klamydia from Vaasa has been one of Finland’s most popular punk rock bands since 1988. The current lineup includes singer Vesku Jokinen, guitarist Jari Helin, bassist Sami Kohtamäki and drummer Pasi Helin.
The band’s most famous songs include e.g. “Pienen pojan elämää”, which has been streamed almost 13 million times on Spotify, the socially responsible “Pyyntö” and “Ostrobothnia”, which describes the love of the countryside with a humorous touch.

Klamydia was also chosen as Radio Suomirock’s Artist of the Year in November 2022


Tickets on sale now!  The age limit for the event is 18 years. 

NOTE! You can only enter the event area once with a ticket

Field area


The ticket includes

  • Admission to the Gatorade Center field area to enjoy great performers and separate beverage and food services.

Lower stand


The ticket includes

  • Your own numbered seat in the lower stands of the Gatorade Center


  • The festival’s great and versatile program and the services of the festival area

Upper stand


The ticket includes

  • Your own numbered seat in the upper stands of the Gatorade Center 


  • The festival’s great and versatile program and the services of the festival area


Enjoy the concert more and get yourself a VIP ticket!

Note! You can only enter the event area once with a ticket.



The ticket includes

  • VIP entrance and VIP service points 


  • Personal VIP pass


  • Buffet meal at the Business Club before the concert


  • Your own seat in the Gatorade Center’s lower stand 


  • The festival’s great and versatile program and the services of the festival area


Going to a concert with the company? Spend an unforgettable evening with employees or business partners as an AURA VIP customer at Turku Arenafest. Turku Live is responsible for the sale of the concert’s business packages.

Veera Torikka
Puh. 040-6361975



The ticket includes

  • VIP entrance and VIP service points


  • Personal VIP pass 


  • A seat in the restaurant Aura 


  • Three-course dinner served at the table 


  • The festival’s great and versatile program and the services of the festival area


Are you interested in enjoying the concert from your own skybox? Now you have the opportunity to buy your own skybox for your company or a group of friends. Learn more about the Gatorade Center.


Accessible event

The concert will be held at the accessible Gatorade Center. Parking is possible near the Gatorade Center and access to the wheelchair grandstand is barrier-free.

Wheelchair ticket price 89.90 euros, escort free of charge.


Everyone is welcome to the concert as they are. We do not accept any kind of discrimination. The concert respects everyone’s physical integrity. If you see or experience unpleasant behavior, contact any security guard immediately.

Among thousands of people, a good concert spirit and respect for others is paramount. We have zero tolerance for violence and aggressive behavior, everyone’s physical integrity is respected.


Nordic Live Productions’ values strongly include environmental friendliness and sustainability. In 2022, Nordic Live Productions launched an application for an Ekokompass environmental certificate, regarding the entire company’s operations. With the Ekokompassi program, we promote environmental protection and the fight against climate change. 

In our purchases, we invest in sustainability and environmental friendliness. We use a lot of existing and rent stuff. We do not print posters or other disposable material for individual events. The wristbands distributed at the concert are made of recycled materials. 

We take care of properly recycling the waste generated at the concert. At the concert, a deposit is used for every beverage product. When you return an empty can, mug or bottle to the deposit point, you get the deposit back. With appropriate recycling, we reduce the generation of unnecessary waste. As a visitor to the concert, please also remember to sort the trash into the trash and return the deposits!


Turku Arenafest – The Offspring



Gatorade Center 

Artukaistentie 8, 20210 Turku

Tickets on sale now!